HRH Sultan Ismail's statements as leader of Malaysia's photography movement:-

Foreword - First Malaysian International Photo Salon, 1963

Foreword - Malaya Travelogue by P L Chan, 1960

HRH Sultan Ismail's speeches as YANG DI PERTUAN AGONG (King) of Malaysia (1965-70)

On May 13, 1969

Birthday call for tolerance by a “very sad” King

(Excerpts of HRH Sultan Ismail’s 62nd Birthday Speech regarding the events of May 13, 1969 given on 5 June 1969)

 “When independence was sought, it was agreed between all the races and the Rulers that we must work together and make this new nation a home for all of us and for all time. This is the home in which we have lived for the last many hundreds of years, and since independence it has been looked upon with pride by all of us, no matter what one’s racial origin may be.

Therefore, to me the outbreak of violence is one of the saddest and most tragic things I have had the misfortune to experience.  We have made every effort to build racial unity out of diversity, and we thought we had achieved success – when all of a sudden this thing had to happen to mar our unity and our good name for many, many years.

This multi racial society is not something we have created: it is something that we came into and thus it is for us to make the best of it.  This we all pledged when we claimed the right to rule ourselves.  12 long years (since 1957) have shown how well we have made of our life in this multi-racial society and how much prosperity we brought to this country.

Let us try to make a home of this country, let us teach our young in the schools and universities to try to live in peace with one another, as otherwise the nation we have formed will just break into pieces.  If this can happen in 12 years, what will happen in the next generation or two?

I pray to Allah SWT that He will give our people enlightenment and understanding so that in the future we will work together in peace and in harmony.  May He give us strength to restore peace to this country again and may He bless you all”.